the TEAM

We are a team of creative thinkers, producers and technicians specializing in immersive experiences. With our cutting-edge technology and creative concepts, we bring spaces to life with 3D magic.

we are

DORIAN DOWSE 3D Modelling, 3D animation, lighting, Real-time Mo-cap and technical workflows

REMO VALLACE Design and Fabrication of large scale physical sculptures & installation tech

NATHAN CLARKSON UNITY - Interactive Game development and UI, VR, Digital sound

JAMES CLARK Spatial and ambisonic Audio engineering expertise and installation equipment for events

ALAN G REILLY Drones, camera, production, editing, sound recording, voice

Founder/Director. An internationally award winning artist, Animator, and Sound designer. Georgie is a projection mapping, interactive system developer and co-producer. Her creative practice explores new digital forms of creative expression, crossing all XR platforms


kendyl rossi

Program Director & Associate Artistic Director of large-scale international public art events, institutions and world Expos, specializing in the intersection of creative expression and technology. She is a also a creative producer and conceptual artist that works with technology, sound design and sculpture.

galit ariel

Futurescaper, author and Real Engine animation creator/director. She explores the imaginative side of immersive technologies and their impact on our cultures, behaviors and interactions. She is a thought-leader in emerging and bleeding-edge tech and a notable speaker at conferences such as TED, SXSW, Bell Labs and Accenture.


Mel Poole is the Founder of 18 Degrees Films and Director / Producer of feature films, TV, animation and XR. She was a panellist at SXSW Sydney in 2023 and the creative producer of sci-fi transmedia world Metropius which won an AWGIE Award, ACS Award and received funding from Screen Queensland and an Epic Games Mega-grant.


Projection Mapping

Interactive Concepts

Interactive Ui Design

Sound design and composition

spatial sound installation and engineering

Interactive and immersive software development

3D modelling

Virtual Reality design and development

Augmented Reality design and development

Motion capture and gestural tech

Point cloud and 360 capture

Editing and animation

Production and script development

Avatar design

Hologram/mist/vapour screen development

Interactive generative art systems


Google, Crown Casino, Mackage, Joyce, The Gallery of Modern Art, Australian Chamber Orchestra, White Night, World Science Festival, Queensland Museum, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane City Council, City of Melbourne, Fed Square, EMC, Pitch Music and Arts Festival, Brighton Digital Festival, Sheffield Doc Festival, The Science Gallery, Pause Festival, Robotronica, Queensland University of Technology, Amnesty International, Wonderment Walk, Christophe Coppens, Tilley and Wills, Consume, Disney Channel, Channel 4, BBC, MTV, MySpace, Arts Victoria

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