Cultural Festivals/conferences

Screen and sculpture mapping creative content, interactive software, sculpture hire

We design and create immersive projection mapped animation experiences for events and spaces

Interactive Screen Content

Interactive motion capture driven installations sculptures and/or immersive environments in public or commercial precincts

Architectural Mapping

3D Architectural Mapping & 3D effects, audiovisual content design and holograms

founded and directed by internationally awarded artist

what we do

we make captivating immersive worlds in the virtual, augmented and mixed reality space

what sets us apart?

georgie pinn

  • community engagement

  • creative agency for all ages

  • brand awareness through viral social marketing

  • our animation content is interactive

Music - clips and Live gigs

Motion and sound activated animation projections for music video sets and Live stage shows

Hotel and luxury apartment Foyers

Large scale animated content that evolves over time as a generative sound responsive artwork. Potential also for motion capture based interaction for public.

Public & Retail Screens

Interactive and immersive creative content, tailored to company brand, generating community engagement and viral social media marketing

Fitness & Wellness Centers

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality setups to create immersive fitness experiences

Education and Digital Workshops

Interactive multisensory learning experiences for all ages - Extra curriculum and holiday learning programs

Fashion Runways

Virtual animated set mapping, holographic special effects and interactive actor activated imagery and sound for fashion, theater and cultural events.

who we do it for