CREATIVE concepts

LUMINOUS - Light Festival

DOHA, QATAR - Directed by Kendyl Rossi

DAP designed and created the interactive content fo Luminous, the first of its kind light Festival in Qatar. The audience were able to trigger beautiful explosions of colour and magical Fireworks as they stepped across the floor of an 8 by 12 meter touch screen floor.

This project was a collaboration with the prestigious events company Five Currents and Qatar Tourism.

giant interactive led floor activations

water mist screen holograms

We design holographic water screen installations, creating an audiovisual narrative that is culturally site-specific. Drawing on the stories of the past and the energy of the future, we create magical multisensory experiences that elicit empathy and change the way we feel a space. Based in MEANJIN, a river city of bridges, we take advantage of its physical features.

water mist screen hologram telling stories on Brisbane river, projection mapping
water mist screen hologram telling stories on Brisbane river, projection mapping
water mist projection, creating a hologram of  a face from 19th century Brisbane, old and new, 3d
water mist projection, creating a hologram of  a face from 19th century Brisbane, old and new, 3d

We operate this 3D holographic technique on a large public scale but can also install this effect on a smaller scale for bespoke installations in private pools or designer garden water features for luxury residents and hotels.

sound responsive & generative animation for architecture

luxury apartment entrances

hotel foyers

We design beautiful generative animation sequences that feed directly from the music/sound that is being played in the space so that the art is dynamic and constantly changing. Then there is the extra addition of an interactive motion capture system that feeds off the public as they pass through the space.

Design for immersive and interactive exhibitions as a bespoke permanent installations. Concept development and research is a huge part of the project. We offer animated content creation, interviews, videography, editing, script devleopment, music composition, 3d spatial sound, interactive system design and hardware installation.

immersive art exhibitions

concept and content design and interactive software development that focuses on community and culture

Designing interactive motion capture driven animation content to ignite the city, merging the digital and the physical, the human and the avatar, the artist and the audience. This type of activation democratizes a creative voice in public space and nurtures new forms of creative expression.

motion capture driven interactive screens in public space
commercial applications for retail

We make bespoke interactive software that allows the public to physically play in public space and increases brand visibility. Interactive screens attract attention and create a visual impact, making it easier for companies to gain visibility in crowded public spaces. The dynamic and interactive nature of the screens can help capture the interest of passersby and draw them towards the shop or brand.

motion capture driven interactive animation

Interactive screens can be integrated with social media platforms, allowing customers to share their experiences, photos, or feedback in real-time. This social media integration helps in amplifying brand reach, generating user-generated content, and fostering brand advocacy

social media marketing

Creating an immersive environment for the fitness regime, where you take yourself on a visual journey of site and sound with a visual animated read out of what your heartrate and levels are doing.

augmented reality projection in fitness centres